It is often when I am the happiest that I am aware of my grief the most. Mother’s Day is a day to be thankful for life, but it is in this happiness that I grieve. As a result, it is one of the days I need to give myself, and others, the most grace.

Next Sunday, friends and family members will join together to Run for Heaven’s Sake. This year, the RKM run will be virtual, but it will not be any less powerful for the participants or the baby loss families who will benefit from the funds. The race gives us both an outlet for our hurt and our support for one another. We use the #whywerun for families to share the names of those we love. Every run I do, Josh is in my heart. It is through Ramsey Keller’s legacy that we continue to honor our son.

To help show how wide arching our support is, this year, we have challenged participants to help us color our support maps. Our goal is 50 states + 56 counties = one community.

If you would like to join us, register to run or learn more about the Ramsey Keller Memorial by visiting www.kisses2heaven.com.

This year, we will be running the race together as a family. These are the reasons we run:

We run for our son and the joy he gave us.

We run for our daughter and the hope she brings us.

We run for our families and those who can not join us.

We run for ourselves and the love that endures.

This morning, Emma helped me harvest flowers from our yard to take to Josh’s headstone in Laurel. We tried to explain through our tears that Josh is in heaven and the marker is only a stone. It is a day of joy, grief, and grace.

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